xen crypto cost

xen crypto cost

About XEN Crypto

XEN Crypto is a social mining project. The XEN token is the local digital currency of the XEN Crypto, zeroed in on building a local area of similar people. XEN keeps up with straightforwardness by utilizing the ERC20 token norm and a smoothed out codebase. Eliminating pre-stamping, administrator keys, and beginning (OA) wallets guarantees fair treatment of all members in the XEN environment. Any clients can mint XEN tokens on utilizing viable wallets.

Likewise, XEN is sorted as a Proof-of-Investment (PoP) cryptographic money and is not the same as Evidence of-Stake (PoS) or Verification of-Work (PoW) tokens. Possession freedoms are conceded to the people who take part in the making of XEN and hold their coins through self-authority.

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After the Ethereum Converge, at a certain point, XEN utilized almost half of Ethereum’s block size, overwhelming the consume competitor list and causing an ascent in ETH gas costs. Since it sent off on October 8, XEN caused a decrease in ETH supply for a while.
xen crypto pricehe live XEN Crypto cost today is $0.0000004 USD with a 24-hour exchanging volume of $364.38 USD. The table above precisely refreshes our XEN cost progressively. The cost of XEN is up 0.29% since last hour, up 0.69% since yesterday. The live market cap, estimated by duplicating the quantity of coins by the ongoing cost is $0.00 USD. XEN has a flowing stockpile of 23.46T coins and a maximum inventory of 23.46T XEN.

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