Liverpool put out announcement after Luis Diaz’s folks abducted in Colombia by furnished men on cruisers

Liverpool put out announcement after Luis Diaz’s folks abducted in Colombia by furnished men on cruisers

Media sources in Colombia have revealed that on Saturday evening (nearby time),

Luis Manuel Diaz and Cilenis Marulanda were come by criminals while heading towards their home neighborhood of Los Olivos in the town of Barrancas – where the Liverpool player is from.

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Semana detailed that outfitted men riding cruisers captured their vehicle. Be that as it may, one more variant of occasions guaranteed Diaz’s folks were watching a game when criminals showed up and removed them.

Colonel Geovanni Cristancho, head of the Gaula part of the Colombian police that handles hijack blackmail and prisoner salvage, was promptly shipped off assume responsibility for the circumstance.

It was accounted for that military and police likewise united and started completing composed tasks in a bid to track down the guardians.

Police designated spots for distinguishing those going on bikes in the space were laid out.

Because of the strain from the police and military tasks, Diaz’s mom was subsequently found and delivered safe. In any case, the Liverpool star’s dad stays missing. A source told Semana: “We as of now have the mother, she is healthy, terrified, yet she is fine. They removed the dad on a cruiser, they removed him from the vehicle and took him along the paths there.”

having figured out how to get film existing apart from everything else Cilenis Marulanda was brought together with relatives, revealed that there had been conflicts between the crooks and specialists during the salvage activity. The vehicle she was in will be in police care.

In Britain, Luis Diaz would have been in line to begin for Liverpool in Sunday’s Chief Association conflict with Nottingham Backwoods.

However, with his dad still in the possession of ruffians, he was naturally avoided with regards to Jurgen Klopp’s 20-player matchday crew when the group was affirmed.

The club had made the accompanying announcement on Sunday morning in front of the match: “Liverpool Football Club can affirm it knows about a continuous circumstance including the group of Luis Diaz in Colombia. It is our intense expectation that the matter is settled securely and at the earliest conceivable open door. Meanwhile, the player’s government assistance will keep on being our quick need.”

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